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 Integrative and intuitive breastfeeding guidance through pregnancy, post birth, and beyond. In office at Vida Wellness Center, homevisits, BF support groups, virtual and in dental office support.

I am so happy you found Leche 4 Life Lactation. Amanda Howell, IBCLC
practices with a holistic lens. My goal is to guide you into intuitive chest feeding and or breastfeeding. Through meeting my clients where they are on their mothering journey, I offer an empowering lens where parents find their own internal parent guide. I start by observing the mother baby dyad along with obtaining the mother's full health history. I support the dyad by adding vital nutrients to the diet along with guidance in choosing the right foods to give the body optimum nutrition. I observe latch, provide a full functional assessment and observe infant from head to toe. I provide intuitive guidance when oral dysfunction is present. I have training in getting your baby moving and provide a plan you can implement with baby for optimal improvement.
An initial visit can last 1.5-2hrs. I have a baby weight scale and use it in special instances. Expect a summary of your visit within 24hrs of your appointment. I find several visits are needed for optimal results. Anna B. is my mentee, she may be present at your visit. 
Please fill out the information below and myself or Anna will get back to you via email and or text.

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Virtual Visits

In the privacy of your own home through a trusted Telehealth portal. 


In the privacy of your own home. Amanda will share ideas on how to incorporate breastfeeding into your living space. 

Vida Wellness Center

Breastfeeding guidance at a free standing wellness center.185 Church St NE, Concord, NC 

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